Why you need to court before marriage

Wedding rings:A sign of commitment to marriage

By Marriage Troubles Reporter

Courtship of late is taking a back seat. With busy work schedules it is becoming a burden we all can do without. But nothing can cause you much agony than marrying a person you thought you knew when you dated, but a few months after the wedding turns into a monster you never imagined.

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How to kill your marriage in a year

A house is one of major investment a married couple will undertake,consultation in this area is crucial to avoid conflicts.

Jane has been married to Harry for three years now and they already have two children. The marriage started on a high and Jane was on cloud seven throughout. Just like all the newly married couples they had big dreams. They shared their dreams daily as they continued enjoying the marital bliss.

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I Am Lucky To Be Single So Are You!

Marriage should not be a death sentence

By Stella Mwangi

“In the next 30 years I want to be a successful wife and a mother. I want to have a family that others admire and want to emulate,” I said to a hushed classroom.

Now that’s an absurd vision, I could read the reaction from my classmates. Who even thinks of being a wife and a mother as a goal in this age of contractual marriages? Shouldn’t a young lady doing her masters be thinking of being a change ambassador?

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Husband impregnates househelp,throw baby in toilet

Drama in marriages will never end. And it seems men are finding it difficult to zip up and in the process causing embarrassment to family.

For a long time an accusing finger has been pointed to our house helps as the source of headache for many wives. Some wives have resorted to changing house helps so often after realizing that they are mistresses to their husbands.

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Did you know that 33% of born again Christians have divorced?

Divorce is on the increase in USA and Africa is catching up

Each one of us has that longing to find a special one. Many dream of the day they will finally say ‘I do” that prince charming if they are ladies and ‘mother of my children’ for the African men.

Event the many who verbally denounce marriage  during their drunken stupor ponder about life after marriage. The lovely kids,the beautiful wife and the dark tall handsome man they will belong exclusively to them. Marriage for those who have working marriages is sweet but it can also be a source of pain for million others.

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For better, for worse

Wedding rings:A sign of commitment to marriage

Marriage is meant for eternity. And that’s why when we make our vows we promise to love the other only,to cling to him and to love without any limits.

But today the world is changing so fast that we are increasingly hearing of marriage contracts and divorce is becoming the norm rather than the exception. What has led to this state of affairs?

Are marriages in trouble? Join us in this journey that will give tips and share real life stories of marriages in troubles and their remedies.

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